House Cleaning Services
That Make Your Life Easier

How Does It Work?

At Suzie Q Cleaning we are committed to providing you with the best cleaning service each and every time.

This is achieved with ongoing training and development for each staff member, and our simple 3 step process:  


Our first time at a new home is always considered a "Deep Clean". We want to be sure that we take care of those details and get you set up for recurring services. For these deep cleans, we send out a team of two that will split up by rooms. The team will work until the job is done, and a manager will come by to make sure that everything is taken care of.


After the Deep Clean, we get you all set up with recurring "Maintenance Cleans" on a day, time, and frequency that's convenient for you. Our team works set schedules which makes it easy to send the same person each time. Your cleaning technician will complete the Maintenance Cleaning checklist on each visit, as well as one or two additional bonus tasks.


After each cleaning we ask for feedback so that we can ensure that you are always satisfied! We know that each home is unique, this is why we maintain unique profiles for each of our customers. Here we are able to add notes, preferences, pictures, and anything else that might come in handy for our future visits. We are in the business of making lives easier, and that is what we aim to do each and every time!

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Moving Soon? We Take Care Of That Too!

"FABULOUS! The entire experience is a breeze...amazing communication and customer service! Susan and Tina sealed the deal with their excellent cleaning!!"
-Alex R. Saint Petersburg