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Deep Clean vs. Basic Clean - What's the Difference?

When you're looking for cleaning services for your home or office, it's important to know what to expect from the type of clean you're receiving. Typically for your first clean, you'll have to (and want to) commit to a deep clean. But what exactly is the difference?

Deep cleaning basically allows more time for the cleaners to soak and scrub away set in grime, and complete any additional checklist items. If your home hasn't received a good, thorough cleaning in a while, it can take a lot longer than you might think.

At Suzie Q, our cleaners are trained to see the details. This means that a toothbrush is our best friend! We get every nook and cranny and never leave any stone unturned.

A deep clean can cost anywhere from $140+ for a studio apartment, to $400 for a large house. The price always depends on the extent of the clean and the size of your home. After the deep clean, your home is ready for ongoing "maintenance" cleans to help maintain the cleanliness of your home!

A Deep Clean is a good idea if you're moving in/out, preparing for a special event, or just want cleaning done now and then. For a more detailed look at what exactly is included in a deep clean vs. a standard clean, check out our CLEANING GUIDE.

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